Recent News

  • • Steve Coyle will return to Libreville, Gabon with The Prince's Foundation for Building Community. The previous Report link:
    • The Greening Lower Grand plan by PLANet with Town-Green just won the Arizona APA award
    • Town-Green is working with Architect Chek Tang's Studio T-Square on a BART station TOD in Fremont, CA

  • • Steve Coyle led the California Chapter of the Congress of the New Urbanism in design Charrette for the City of Livingston CA - see
    • Town Green is assisting the City of San Mateo in developing a Sustainability Commission
    • "Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions" is available!!

Town-Green continues to offer beneficial change in the realm of sustainable urbanism and planning from the scale of the metropolis like Ulaanbaatar to a tiny hamlet in the West Bank.  The methodology we developed helps jurisdictions and developers increase their social, environmental and economic resilience and health while reducing their dependency on non-renewable resources, always within the context of good urbanism.

Town-Green's new West Coast address: 2421 Turk St. San Francisco, CA 9411