About Stephen Coyle and Town Green

When the final night falls on us
 as it fell upon our parents,
 we shall retire to our modest home
earth-sure, secure
 that we have done our duty
 by our people;
 we met the challenge of history and were not afraid.   - Ghanaian poet Kofi Awoonor, killed during the Westgate mall attack in 2014

Steve Coyle

Stephen Coyle, urban planner, architect, and developer, is an international expert in sustainable development (www.sustainableandresilient.com), public and private engagement, and the creation of jobs/supply chain capacity building, from regional and community scale to the block and building that employ cross-disciplinary approaches.  Town Green is my international consultancy, where I collaborate with the finest planning, architecture, transportation, civil, and other consultancies around the world, plus developers, investors, governments, and NGO’s.  However, the United States is my home and primary work place.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-coyle-9184038; https://www.facebook.com/stevejcoyle

I returned from Africa in 2016 after serving as the Director of Planning and Development for the Gabonese Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux/A.N.G.T.  My current tenure began in the United Kingdom and Africa, first for the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, and then, ANGT.  Since 2012, one of my primary tasks in Central Africa were:

  • the creation of national, municipal, and neighborhood plans and zoning for re/development of communities;
  • providing the infrastructure, block, street and building design and regulatory codes; and
  • finding and securing the financing and political support for public and private projects.  Example: I led the effort to house over 2,000 families displaced by flooding and other adversities, interventions from the scale of self-build lots and multi-family buildings to entire new communities. 

With over 30 years of experience as an architect, urban designer, and public facilitator in a wide range of public and private projects around the nation, my specialty is leading people in the creation of sustainable, resilient, and beautiful public and private developments.  I focus at multiple scales from single buildings to regions, from new commerce and waterfront facilities to redeveloped transit-accessible villages.

In the non-profit realm, I was first Executive Director, then Treasurer of the California Chapter, Congress for New Urbanism (www.cnucalifornia.org); co-founder and active board member of the National Charrette Institute (http://www.charretteinstitute.org/), and as Treasurer of Engineers Without Borders, I co-led the NGO's work in Gabon (https://www.facebook.com/ewbgabonGabon. Finally, I helped draft the Charrette Handbook and remain a contributor to my wife’s 501c3, the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music & Infrastructure, Inc. (www.vietnamemifund.org).  

By synthesizing these experiences in both profit and non-profit design and development, I leverage often lean phsycial resources into enduring places worthy of care.  My work takes me around the US and to Mongolia, Nepal, Java, Israeli/Palestine, and Central Africa. Let us collaborate on building or rebuilding the next, great place!


CITY OF WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA - DEPUTY /  DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - stephen.coyle@cityofwoodland.org  530.661.5920

Consultants and Collaborations

I continue to collaborate with the finest planning, architecture, transportation, civil, and other consultancies around the world, plus developers, investors, governments, and NGO’s.